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•   Betty Anne Rivers (Wang)  12/7
•   Todd Phillips  11/30
•   Patricia Cutler (Armstrong)  10/14
•   Fern Cook (Cooper)  10/11
•   Bob Boden  9/5
•   Nick Bubas  8/29
•   Elaine Ramsay (Hagel)  8/22
•   Koozma Gorkoff  7/18
•   NormaJean Eberle  7/15
•   Larry Doyle  7/12
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L V Rogers Secondary High School
Classes Of 1963 - 1965


Welcome to the:

L V Rogers High School Classes Of 1963 - 1965 Reunion Web Site.



Well, for the first time in a long time, I will be back on the road this summer doing a solo, me and my guitar tour out through western Canada. I start on June 22 in Beaverflats Saskatchewan with a house concert, will be in Swift Current and Cantaur on the 23rd, Ghostown Blues on the 27th, Tompkins at Woody’s on the 30th and at the Amphitheater in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park on July 1.
Going to continue to wind my way across Alberta and British Columbia and will be in Vancouver the weekend of 28/29 July for the Kits Reunion at the Fairview Pub. Other dates are being negotiated and include a possible trip up to the Yukon. Quite amazed to be undertaking this adventure! Hope to see some classmate on “The Way West, Back to My Roots Tour, 2018” .
Anyone interested in hosting a house Concert can contact me on here or at Thanks, see you on the road! Cam Molloy


   It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my dearest lifelong friend Linda Wakeham.

   She was born in Victoria, B.C. on September 30, 1947 and passed on in Port Moody, B.C. early in the morning while asleep on August 3, 2015.

   I know her spirit will be with me forever as it will be with many others that she has touched around the world.

   Norm Boulet  (

Does anyone have a picture of Mr. Krieg's 1957-58 Grade 6 class at Central school? Harley Trudeau


Times sure have changed in 50 years! Our last reunion was all set up by snail mail. In 1965 a PDP “mini-computer” sold for $18,000.00,1/5 the price of a “small” IBM. Can you imagine being without ATMs, cell phones, computers, etc.? Thank goodness for computers. I have really enjoyed reading the profiles, looking at the pictures and finding out what my classmates have been up to. We turned out OK after all! Remember the saying “don’t trust anyone over 30”? We are now our parents. I have been following all the preparations with high anticipation and was certainly going to attend. I have also been waiting for a date for a knee replacement. It appears I’m not the only “student” with aches and pains. Youth is wasted on the young! My surgery date was changed to June 12 and I was forced to cancel. If I remember parties from my “youth”, I know you all will have a GREAT time.

I read that many of you spend time in Mexico. My wife and I are in Puerto Vallarta from mid-October to mid-April. I would like to extend an invitation to everyone to give me a call and get together if you are in the neighborhood. We spend most of our time in Old Town, south of the Rio Cuale. Our casa is near Andele’s Nightclub, Archie’s Wok, Café de Olla and the like - 3 blocks from the new pier. Give us a call and I’ll buy your first cerveza. Don’s cell: 322-889-1285, Marg’s cell: 322-105-4189 and landline 322-222-1013. My cell is the best bet.

I have been tearing the house apart looking for pictures for Brian without much luck. One certainly collects a bunch of stuff over the years. Have been planning on “down-sizing”… my kids don’t want any of my crap. Did find a couple of class pictures. Will stick them into my profile.

Finally, thanks to Elaine, Joan, Brian, Ted and the rest of the organizers for all their efforts working towards what I know will be a bitchin’ party


Don and Margaret Daniel

Just wanted to say Great Job by the committee that put so much work into an awesome weekend! Was great to see so many classmates once again.
Chick Harrison (Baker)

WOW, what a fabulous time........THANK YOU to the committee for all of your hard work and time commitment that it took to create a great weekend. Hopefully we can do this more often?? I am sorry I did not connect with everyone..I could not find you. I think the secret would have been to stand in one place and eventually everyone would have walked pass me????? I am in Vernon so if you are in the area, please contact me.
Thanks again for a great weekend........Next time my gold game will be better.........!!
Dianne Skinner

Congratulations and Thanks to Elaine, Tim, Ted, Bob, Bryan, Sheila, Joan, Chris, Fran and all of the other many volunteers for all of their hard work in organizing this very successful reunion!!

Tom Buckley

p.s. If anyone has photos and/or video of the YMCA number at the dance I would like to obtain copies....

I am looking for my Grade 6 Class (58/59) photo for Hume School. I was in Mr. Morley/Mrs. Livingston's class. If you have the photo could you please scan it and send to me by e-mail. I have asked a few people but have't had any luck.

Thank you,
Elaine Procter Williams