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Bill Renton

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03/13/13 10:24 PM #1    

Paul Bickert

I spent so little time in Nelson during my teens, but long enough to cross paths with Bill Renton. That encounter was one I should forget, but I have to tell the story. I think Bill's eternal pilgrimage will have led him to lofty enough a place to laugh at this story. 

I hustled Bill's girlfriend and was intent on bumping him to second in line. Bill squared the matter with me by asking me to take a seat in the back of his car (a 59 Pontiac, I think) where he discussed Nelson's way of dealing with outsiders that thought they had claim on the likes of his lady. I reminded Bill I had no scars on my face to compete with the handful I counted on his and that he should cool down by taking an early dip in the lake. Then, I exited his 
vehicle parked on Water Street and that was the end of the matter. We saw one another a couple of times afterwards and nodded our respect (?) toward one another. It never came to a swinging match as his girl made her choice and declined my advances. I'd like to attribute her choice to the fact that Bill had less time on Earth to enjoy his pride than I. 
You won it fair, Bill.
Eternal Peace!

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