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05/21/12 07:06 AM #1    

Bryan Reid

Welcome to the L V Rogers Secondary High School Classes Of 1963 - 1965 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/24/12 11:08 AM #2    


Pam Stegeman (De Kock)

Dear former classmates (1964),


I am wanting to know if anyone who was in Mr. Bunt's Grade 9 class in 1960-61 would know if there was a class photo taken that year. 

I arrived in Nelson to start school at Trafalger Jr. H. S. in Jan., 1961, in grade 9.  It's quite possible that I may have missed out on the picture taking of the class, if the class photo was taken prior to Jan, 1961.  In any case, I do not have a copy of that class photo in my collection of pictures.

So, I would really appreciate it if someone could at least fill me in, if they can remember, on whether there was a class photo taken for the 1960-61  grade 9's in Mr. Bunt's class.  Also, if at all possible, I would like to obtain a copy of the class photo.


Pam Stegeman (De Kock) LVR '64.

P. S. Please refer to my profile for info about my address or telephone number, if you prefer to reply that way.  Thankyou.  Pam LVR '64.

09/04/12 01:51 AM #3    


Pam Stegeman (De Kock)

Dear LVR Classmates, class of 1964,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I was successful in finding a former classmate that was kind enough, and able to help me with locating a photo of the Grade 9 class of Mr. Bunt's, for 1960-1961.  Thanks very much to NormaJean Eberle for her help. 

I have the photo on my computer for now, but she's also mailing me a copy of the photo.  It was a very good photo.  Very clear.  It's nice to see the classmates again in that class, and to do a little reminiscing.

Hopefully, we'll be able to make the reunion next June.  We'll know more as we get closer to the date of the event.  Fifty Years, I don't want to miss that!


Pam Stegeman (De Kock)

LVR '64



04/24/13 01:40 PM #4    

Gordie Schmidt

Can somebody upload or fill in the missing 1/2 of the 1963 Grad Class pictures to this site???

07/01/13 09:14 PM #5    

George Wellwood

I wish to express my appreciation for the wonderful job done by the Reunion Committee and to say a big thank you for making it happen.  The reunion exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I renewed aquaintances with more people than I thought would be possible in two evenings and the food was excellent and plentiful.  The value for cost was very good (especially after I won the draw for refund of the registration fee, thank very much) and I am impressed that the Committee was able to provide all that they did on $100 per person.  And Elaine, a special thank you to you, your personable exchanges around registration and locating grads set a friendly tone that, for me at least, carried right through to the final night.  And to the Committee as a whole, all the events were well organized and from my perspective unfolded on schedule.  A sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who contributed to a successful event  ...  George Wellwood  1964 

07/02/13 09:30 AM #6    


Polly Sofonoff (1963) (Di Clemente)

I couldn't have said it better, George.  My sentiments exactly. 

A huge thanks to  Bryan, Fran, Tim, Christine, Bob, Ted, Joan for their hard work and dedication to this event, and especially Elaine and Sheila for their kindness and caring and for reaching out and and hunting us down.  Additional thanks to Ryan and Dave Martin for their generosity. 

You folks put on a first-class event.  And I'm sure I speak for each and every one of us in expressing our gratitude and appreciation.  Thank -----  you ----- so ----- much!

I don't know if you folks realize that you may have made a huge difference in many people's lives.  What a rush!  Those moments when realization hits.  Yes, that is you.  You look wonderful, you haven't changed a bit!  We will all savour those feelings for a long, long time, or at least until our memories hold out . . . who knows when we will see each other again.  I'll wager that everyone left with a big smile on their face and a huge welling up of emotion in their chest.  Feel the love.

Thank you again, hugs and more hugs, Polly and Luigi  Di Clemente.



07/03/13 10:04 AM #7    

Karla Spence (Taylor)

WOW!!!!!! What a great weekend.  Many kudos to the reunion committee for a job well done.  It was so great to see everyone and catch up on what everyone is doing and where they are. Good times were had and I hope we will manage to attend another reunion in the future.  Our doors are always open in Calgary for those of you who want to visit.  THANKS ONCE AGAIN FOR A JOB WELL DONE.  Cheers Karla Taylor (Spence) & Ron

07/03/13 11:06 AM #8    

Peter Engstad

Sonia and I also had an outstanding time. Thank you to the organizing committee for your masterful job, and to all who attended the event. Together, you have raised the bar for High School reunions and enriched the lives of your classmates and their partners. Kudos as well to the budding Chefs at the cooking school for the delicious food. Have a great that it appears to have finally arrived!.  Pete and Sonia Engstad

07/04/13 12:15 AM #9    

Roland Porter

Roland Porter 1965                                                                                                                                     

Just arrived home July 3 still exhilarated after an incredible reunion!!!

Friday reception at Mary Hall there was so much energy that if we could have harvested it  we could have lit up all of Nelson. Early registration from 1 to 3 was the ice breaker to recognize familiar faces or  not, followed by a multitude of questions and answers, laughter over things that happened at high school that may or may not have been funny at the time, but garnered lots of laughs in retrospect, and surprise and sorrow at the number of classmates that are no longer with us. The registration was so well organized and planned by the committee as was the weather which arrived right on time!! This was followed by an onslaught of familiar faces at 5:00pm along with wonderful appetizers and on going connections with more and more classmates throughout the evening.

Saturday morning was the well attended tour of our beloved LV Rogers high school. What a surprise to see so many amazing changes, such as the gym which seemed like the size of a cavernous aircraft hanger compared to the gym where we met for assemblies, to cite only one!!

Saturday evening was the much awaited banquet, where the food was delicious, the dance floor was packed, the turn out was awesome, the speeches, presentation, invocation and O Canada were inspiring and hit all the right touches, and the weather was once again perfect. We continued to meet more classmates, renew old connections, seek those we knew were there who we never found, and delight in a truly magical evening.

Sunday we didn't attend the golf but understand it was a great turn out and a good time was had by all!!

Monday and Canada Day it was so nice to see many reunion participants from out of town still in town, and down at Lakeside Park celebrating Canada Day, along with local reunion participants who were there with their families.

A tremendous shout out to all the teachers who attended and allowed us to reconnect with those who had such a big impact on our lives during our high school years. Thank you so much for making the effort to attend!!

Ultimately though, we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude and endless appreciation to the reunion committee for first of all making the decision to hold the reunion, and then facing the challenges of tracking so many of us down, and planning and organizing such a large scale event. and doing a tremendous amount of work to pull it off. Also in addition to the committee thank you to all the volunteers or "volunteered" who assisted such as spouses, children or friends of the committee who participated or contributed.  We came from as far away as Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, California, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, Scotland, Germany, and Australia, with Phil Reed and Bruce Ford from the class of 65 appearing to come the farthest from Australia. Thanks to the committee in tracking so many of us down that we filled Mary Hall to capacity and enjoyed a tremendously successful event that was executed flawlessly.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Roland and Sheila (nee Fraser class of 66) Porter



07/04/13 08:21 AM #10    


Rick Joyce

The reunion weekend was electric!  The precise planning by the organization committee - Bryan, Elaine, Sheila, Tim, Christine, Bob, Ted, Joan, and Fran – was extraordinary.

As I compressed fifty years into two evenings, the Lennon/McCartney lyrics played through my mind.

There are places I remember

All my life, though some have changed

Some have gone and some remain

All these places had their moments


Thanks everyone



09/07/13 01:46 AM #11    


Pam Stegeman (De Kock)

Hello fellow classmates,

Reunion 2013, Classes '63-'65, great event, great time, good time had by all.  Something very memorable, 50 years of life, stories & love & joy.  Hope we can all do this again.  Thanks to all. - Pam.

Changing the subject a bit, can anyone help me?

Just to add to this, as I was going through the list of the "in memories"  I came across two names of people I knew.  They were Ken Smith and his Sister Peggy Smith (Boyce).  If there is anyone reading this that could tell me anything about their passings, I'd really appreciate it.  Thankyou.  Pam, LVR '64.

03/18/15 09:09 AM #12    

Don Rivers

Ken and Pearl were our next door neighbours.  We saw them frequently.   Ken had a shop in town and was a good mechanic.  He was also a good golfer.  Too young.

Don Rivers

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